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Sabastopol, CA EFT Cranio Matrix Classes | Alternative Therapy | Self-help



There’s no better way to learn than with others. Discover skillfulness of new transformational tools in a safe and supportive community environment.


Cranial Stillness Touch & Subtle Bodywork



  • 120 MIN INTRO Class - Bring a partner or Come on your own

Your body easily remembers stillness from within, and gradually, over time, the breath, all the joints, and all the connective tissues assume small motions to unwind your critical skeleton posture back into its optimal position.  I have found that with cranial I walk out of a session with a new balance on both my feet, and that my whole body system has had a chance to rebalance.


EFT Tapping Therapy & Matrix Reimprinting

  • meridian therapy FOR anxiety and stress

  • advanced tapping and re-imprinting TECHNIQUE

  • 120 MIN INTRO Class - Bring a stressful memory to clear

How and for what reason does EFT work? Emotional Freedom Technique works with the meridian system from Traditional Chinese Medicine, like pressure point massage or needle therapy, since it centers around vitality circuits that keep energy running all throughout the body.

EFT is the best tool I know to decrease stress and heal emotional wounds. It's also a self-healing tool that is effortlessly learned and can be utilized at any point in life when upsetting circumstances emerge.

In EFT we also work with past trauma and unresolved memories. These recollections might be re-activated by present day circumstances, and with EFT and Matrix we can go back to the root cause of a trigger. Reclaim your life energy, release limiting beliefs and live the life you were born to live.

More classes coming soon.